Water Damage Restoration in Sacramento CA

Posted on November 18, 2017

Have you been affected by Water Damage due to flooding?

Water Damage Restoration Sacramento CA. If you are experiencing water damage from a water pipe that has broken, leaky faucet, heavy rain or over flowing toilet please do not waste time. Water leaks can cause mold, bacteria, fungus and moisture on wood surfaces, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, paints, carpet, sheet rock and insulation. Water damage is very serious not only can flood water cause damage to your home and business, but it can also present a serious health risk.

In the case of a water leak emergency, you'll need someone skilled in flood and water extraction. Our technicians are on call and ready to assist you in case of flood and mold emergency. Sacramento carpet & tile cleaning have been rescuing homeowners for years. We work with any insurance company and will help you with the paperwork if needed. Please don't hesitate to call. THE LONGER YOU WAIT, THE WORSE IT GETS !!!!!! Water Damage Restoration Sacramento CA.

Initial Homeowner Actions

After securing your safety and requesting emergency restoration service, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the amount of damage to your home.

First, remove as much water as you can. Use of buckets, draining and other non-electric means are preferred. If using electrical items, only use items designed for water extraction, such as wet/dry vacs and dehumidifiers. Do not plug any item into an outlet that has gotten wet. It is easy to forget  about safety when stressed, so it is important to think twice before taking any steps that could present a danger to you or those you love.

Next, raise any items in the area off the floor as much as possible. Place furniture on blocks. Again, it can be easy to forget safety precautions… make sure to get help lifting heavy items. Do not walk on structures (flooring, stairs) that may be weakened from prolonged water exposure. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. Our technicians are able to restore almost any item to pre-event condition, but you are irreplaceable. It’s not worth the risk.

Then remove the baseboard and drill quarter-sized holes on the unpainted areas. This allows air movement and begins to dry the walls. Exercise caution, making sure to use only dry outlets and plugs to avoid electric shock. A cordless drill would be best, if available.

Finally, remove as many items as possible from the area. Concentrate first on moisture sensitive items such as computers, artwork, and expensive furniture. This reduces the risk of increased damage due to extended exposure. It also allows more room for restoration crews to work, and gives you access to your things while the area is being restored.

What Can I Expect From A Water Restoration Company?

Because seconds matter, Super Restoration will deploy a team of professionals to your home right away to survey the site. Using their years of experience and training combined with the latest technology and equipment, your dedicated response team will provide you a damage report, an accurate cost estimate, and a realistic schedule for completion.

Water Damage Restoration Sacramento CA

As soon as you authorize your team to begin, they will begin restoring your home… so you can restore your life. Throughout the process, you will have 24/7 web access to your case file. All your important documents will be there, along with pictures and updates of the project. The entire process is entirely transparent. You are always up-to-date on your project status, and your response team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Your Sacramento Water Restoration team will secure the area and install safeguards to protect you and your family. They will inventory the contents and provide an itemized list in your web-based case file. Team members will use the most effective drying techniques for your situation.

If necessary, your Sacramento Water Restoration team will safely lift carpet from your flooring. Their professional techniques ensure the carpet will not tear and seams will not break. Wet padding will be replaced and subfloors dried.

Your response team will also determine if water has seeped into the walls and insulation, putting you at risk for mold. All items on your inventory list will be evaluated for hidden moisture the naked eye may miss. Drying techniques and mold remediation will be instituted as needed. When your project is finished, you will receive a Certificate of Dryness. You will be confident that your home is dry and free from mold, odors, and future problems associated with this incident.

Why Sacramento Water Damage Restoration?

Our team understands the nature of the emergency and will explain to you the best course of action for your property as well as the most cost effective approach. Being a licensed General Contractor and being well versed in the construction process allows our team to make the most beneficial and logical choice for mitigation for our clients.

Mitigating a property effectively is a science. Our team understands the technicalities that surround even the most elementary drying projects. Understanding industry guidelines such as the IICRC S500 allows our clients to expect consistency in service and processes, regardless of the magnitude of the loss.

Sacramento Water Restoration has the state’s most extensive equipment inventory. With over 2,500 pieces of drying equipment at our disposal, no job is too big or too small. Our drying guarantee allows our clients to be confident that after our drying efforts they can assertively say their property is safe. Our Certificate of Dryness is issued at the completion of the project on every loss.

Drying Strategies Include:

State of the art assessment tools
Infrared Thermal Imaging
Noninvasive Moisture Meters
Emergency water extraction
Portable Extraction
Diesel Truck Mounted Extraction
Measure moisture and record
Paperless Field Notes
Industry leading drying strategies
30 Years of Industry Experience
Disinfection by destroying micro-organisms and potential bacteria
EPA and Plant Based Disinfectants
Odor neutralization

Sacramento Water Damage Restoration can come out and give you an estimate for either sucking up the water. Or we can completely rebuild your home or business back the way it was. We can deal with your insurance company to get things resolved as quickly as possible. You do not want to wait to long before removing the water and getting your home or business dried out asap. If you don't dry out fast you will have the potential to create a situation of mold or a fungus to start growing. Water must be sucked up and dried out extremely fast to make sure you don't make it worse. Always used a reputable company when doing this. Make sure they are certified in water damage restoration.

When emergency strikes, seconds matter. Emergency water restoration is crucial to ensure you avoid any potential secondary damage to your property. So you must act quickly.



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