Best Carpet Cleaning in Sacramento CA

Posted on December 30, 2017

Searching for an efficient stain removal and carpet cleaning in Sacramento CA that could return your rugs and carpets because of their prior glory?

The Carpet Cleaning Co. Sacramento delivers an expert rug and rug cleaning services that combine steam cleaning, dry cleaning, stain treatment and carpet fabric protection techniques to provide you with the final word tool for your carpets and rugs.

What does your rug and carpet cleaning include?

Your carpets and rugs might be thoroughly inspected. The carpet and rug cleaners will see if you will find any areas that want special pre-treatment and try out the PH of any visible stains that want removal. They will vacuum the rug entirely before proceeding with the deep carpet cleaning.

Based on the carpet’s fabric and the type of grime that must be removed, the team can clean the carpet or rug by using among the following methods:

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This cleaning technique is good for carpets and rugs of a fragile fabric. It is sufficient for those, as it doesn't involve using warm water and it doesn't pose a danger of shrinking beyond just the textile. We chose to implement this method in upholstery cleaning as well.

The dry cleaning method involves using powdered detergent, and that is rubbed into the material with a rotating bonnet machine after which, extracted with a strong vacuum cleaner.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Through a transportable or truck mount rug cleaning machine, the cleaners will infuse heated water into your floor’s fibres under high pressure. The water will, then, be simultaneously extracted along with pollutants and bacteria. The heated water extraction provides a good cleaning no matter the fibres and requires 2-4 hours of drying time, depending on the textile type.

Benefits of our carpet cleaning service service:

  • Specialized cleaning, accustomed your carpet and tile’s specific fabric
  • Industry-power equipment that removes 99% no matter what the bacteria
  • Anti-allergic carpet and rug cleaning which uses only natural detergents
  • Safe for pets, children and people with breathing difficulties
  • Same day service availability and flexible working schedule
  • We’ll prolong the cleanliness of a persons carpets and rugs

Upon request, we will apply a particular protective detergent besides the fibers of your floor coverings or rug. This solution will last up to six month and will repel any stains, spills, dust and dirt from contaminating the outer layer of your respective carpet. Protection should be reapplied after every professional carpet cleaning service session.

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